I was elated to find out that my son’s speech and occupational therapy were saved at UMC, but now the therapists who have worked so diligently with him are being laid off.  REALLY??  Now these departments are down to one person running the department.  One for speech, one for OT.  So, do you really think that’s going to work?  OF COURSE NOT!!!!  They cannot lay off these other workers.  It’s going to be OVERKILL and we all KNOW that it is DANGEROUS!!!  Dangerous for the patients as well as the workers.  Can you smell “malpractice” in the making? Oh boy.

So, we’ve decided to push for Gov Jindal to RESTORE AND BRING BACK ALL DEPARTMENTS AND EMPLOYEES FOR THOSE DEPARTMENTS.  There’s no other way for it to work.  There’s just not.

We MUST HAVE our hospital restored.  The diabetic clinic which as won several awards..simply because they’re the best at what they do, we can’t lose that.   Some people think it’s just a matter of checking blood sugar.  Uhm, no it’s not.  Because blood sugar fluctuates and can get seriously high, it will fry internal organs.  I lost a sister to diabetes.  WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE THAT CLINIC AT UMC!!!  We can’t lose DETOX either because it’s the only public one for a hundred miles or more.  Poor people won’t have a place to go for help from addictions.  So, being that there’s no help…what do you think is going to happen?  I guess Lafayette’s finest better get ready…there’s going to be more crowding at area jails.  People need and want help.  There will no longer be a place for them to go to receive that help, and they’ll resort back to doing what they want most to stop.

We want and need our transplant clinic.  Do you know how serious this is? Losing the transplant clinic is a grave concern to me.  Yes, my mother had a liver transplant in another state and only lived for 3 months afterwards.  The transplant recipients need constant care.  A little thing can turn into a life threatening thing if not taken care of PROPERLY by the right people.  The UMC Transplant Clinic is just critical. We cannot lose it, or we’re going to lose the patients.  That’s just not an option.

So you see folks, we need YOU to let your voice be heard.  Gov. Jindal needs to hear from us TODAY, and every day until these horrible budget cuts are reversed.  Put a photo with your story and email it to Gov Jindal.  Email him every day.  Call him every single day.  It’s going to take the roar of a lion to get our voices heard.  We can do this if we work together!!  Come on!!



For those of you who know people that do not have a computer or printer, you can also print out that exact form and let them fill it out and help them mail it in.  If anyone needs copies of their photos that they want to use to send Gov Jindal, please let me know.  Somehow we will help them.

Let’s work together and see our hospital put back together!!!!!!  No pieces missing…every department and every worker helping the precious people of our Lafayette community and surrounding areas!  TOGETHER we CAN AND WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!