How diabetes ruined my life or you could say…Why we need our UMC Diabetic Clinic Thursday, Feb 23 2012 

  <–  This is a photo of my beautiful, oldest sister, Beth.

When Beth was a young teen, she was diagnosed with diabetes.

Beth was exceptionally smart and well educated.  She taught school in the Nevada County Public School District in Arkansas.  She was so much fun to be around.  Nobody liked to laugh like Beth…she really liked to make others around her smile and enjoy life.

Beth had a sensitivity to people and the needs of people.  She seriously cared about them.  She instilled that into her own family and into me.

Beth was a bridesmaid in my wedding.  She even took me shopping to find just the right fabric for dresses for my special day.  She listened to me dream and talk.

She was so excited when my children were being born.  One thing we both had in common – we’re both baby lovers!!  There’s nothing like the smell and feel of a newborn baby. sighs.

She was my confidant, my friend, my sister.

I was right by her bedside in the hospital in a neighboring state when she passed from this life to the next one.  She died from complications of diabetes.    She didn’t have a diabetic clinic to go to for help, and I can’t help but wonder if she would still be alive today had one been available to her.

It’s too late for my Beth, but it’s not too late for others in Lafayette and our surrounding areas.  We’ve got to keep our diabetic clinic open and running full speed ahead!  Peoples’ lives depend on it.

Come join us on the steps of state capitol on Tuesday, February 28, 2012!  At 10 AM we’re having a rally to keep our UMC departments and all clinics open!!  We are chartering a bus, so please call me (Linda Reddoch) and I’ll save your seat! 337-315-7857


We saved the departments, but now we gotta save the workers! Friday, Feb 10 2012 

I was elated to find out that my son’s speech and occupational therapy were saved at UMC, but now the therapists who have worked so diligently with him are being laid off.  REALLY??  Now these departments are down to one person running the department.  One for speech, one for OT.  So, do you really think that’s going to work?  OF COURSE NOT!!!!  They cannot lay off these other workers.  It’s going to be OVERKILL and we all KNOW that it is DANGEROUS!!!  Dangerous for the patients as well as the workers.  Can you smell “malpractice” in the making? Oh boy.

So, we’ve decided to push for Gov Jindal to RESTORE AND BRING BACK ALL DEPARTMENTS AND EMPLOYEES FOR THOSE DEPARTMENTS.  There’s no other way for it to work.  There’s just not.

We MUST HAVE our hospital restored.  The diabetic clinic which as won several awards..simply because they’re the best at what they do, we can’t lose that.   Some people think it’s just a matter of checking blood sugar.  Uhm, no it’s not.  Because blood sugar fluctuates and can get seriously high, it will fry internal organs.  I lost a sister to diabetes.  WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE THAT CLINIC AT UMC!!!  We can’t lose DETOX either because it’s the only public one for a hundred miles or more.  Poor people won’t have a place to go for help from addictions.  So, being that there’s no help…what do you think is going to happen?  I guess Lafayette’s finest better get ready…there’s going to be more crowding at area jails.  People need and want help.  There will no longer be a place for them to go to receive that help, and they’ll resort back to doing what they want most to stop.

We want and need our transplant clinic.  Do you know how serious this is? Losing the transplant clinic is a grave concern to me.  Yes, my mother had a liver transplant in another state and only lived for 3 months afterwards.  The transplant recipients need constant care.  A little thing can turn into a life threatening thing if not taken care of PROPERLY by the right people.  The UMC Transplant Clinic is just critical. We cannot lose it, or we’re going to lose the patients.  That’s just not an option.

So you see folks, we need YOU to let your voice be heard.  Gov. Jindal needs to hear from us TODAY, and every day until these horrible budget cuts are reversed.  Put a photo with your story and email it to Gov Jindal.  Email him every day.  Call him every single day.  It’s going to take the roar of a lion to get our voices heard.  We can do this if we work together!!  Come on!!


For those of you who know people that do not have a computer or printer, you can also print out that exact form and let them fill it out and help them mail it in.  If anyone needs copies of their photos that they want to use to send Gov Jindal, please let me know.  Somehow we will help them.

Let’s work together and see our hospital put back together!!!!!!  No pieces missing…every department and every worker helping the precious people of our Lafayette community and surrounding areas!  TOGETHER we CAN AND WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

Nathan won! Tuesday, Feb 7 2012 

When we were having Christmas with grandparents and extended family almost 2 months ago, my little boy got excited when given a Christmas card with his name on it.  He jumped up exclaiming  “I won! I won”!!  It was such a sweet moment with our family, watching Nathan so excited about a Christmas card!

Fast forward to today.  I received a phone call and was told that his speech therapy and occupational therapy was saved at UMC!!  Nathan really did win!!!  I have been so excited, that I’ve been shaking and can hardly type without multiple corrections!!

Thank you to the elected officials for saving so much at UMC of Lafayette!!!  We are grateful!!  A big thank you to Shannon Roger, amazing woman full of energy, who we would not have made it this far without!!  A big thank you to each one of you who called our elected officials to let your voice be heard!!

Now – we’re not finished.  After speaking with someone from LSU Health Sciences, I was told there were more cuts expected after the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1st, 2012.  I say NO MORE CUTS!! We’ve lost enough, and we do not want to lose more!!

Continue calling those elected officials and letting your voices be heard concerning this issue!!!

Saw ya at the Sign!! Friday, Feb 3 2012 

Last night’s “See Ya at the Sign Rally” was so much fun!!!!  I really appreciated Shannon Roger’s help and couldn’t have done it without her!!  Her daughter made a lot of the really neat posters used!

We sure appreciated all the “HONKS” from the supporters! That was totally cool to hear all the support…it was quite the noise!!  We definitely made noise and were heard last night!!!  In all of my years, I never dreamed I’d be standing on a street corner with people I didn’t know and try and save a hospital! (I think it’s save to say that my high school civics teacher would be proud!!)

That is until the word came that five departments were going to be closing at our hospital.  I couldn’t believe it.  UMC is the most awesome medical center I’ve ever been to.  I’ve been to quite a few hospitals with family members and friends.  My husband has pastored many churches and we have visited many hospitals.  So, yes, I’ve been to a lot of hospitals.  I know a good one when I see one.  I know a “ho hum let’s see what happened to you so we can get you out” kind of hospital when I see one too.  UMC totally rocks!  They care about their patients and it shows.

We are trying to save our Pediatrics Department, OB/GYN, ENT, Opthalmology, and Orthopedics Department.  They are so crucial to our community.  People will not be able to get the care they so desperately need and deserve if these five departments shut down.  I shutter to think about what will happen to the OB/GYN patients who need a safe, medical environment in which to have their babies.  I’ve had six beautiful children and a hospital with a caring staff was always my biggest concern.

Then, after having Nathan and realizing he needed extra help and care, not sure what to do or who  to turn to…we landed at UMC.  My little boy has been thriving with Mrs. Bonnie’s care in speech.  She’s pretty amazing.  She goes the extra mile in making sure he’s making his best efforts in her therapy room.  I appreciate that.  Being with Nathan in his therapy sessions gives me ideas on how to better help him at home.  Nathan loves going to speech to see Mrs Bonnie because of the awesome tools she has in working with him.  Magnets.  O.M.G. that kid LOVES those magnets and this one jungle animals puzzle. haha  If you can’t communicate your thoughts, feelings, etc to someone with speech – how can you function and survive?  You simply cannot.  It’s imperative to keep the speech department up and going at it’s fullest potential.  And did you know that we had to go through the ENT department in order to get speech for Nathan?  So, if the ENT department is cut – what do you think is going to happen to speech? Yep.

After speech, we go to occupational therapy with Mrs. Jeanne.  So thankful to have people like her who take their job seriously and really help their patients be successful.  Nathan loves go to Mrs. Jeanne’s room because of the tools she uses to help him.  With her help, he’s been able to write  his name, put his shoes on his own feet, and so much more.  She’s also the one who discovered he has some vision issues.  I had no clue.  But after she made that discovery, it sure shed some light on a few school issues for us.

Nathan is now in vision therapy in Alexandria, LA.  Yes, we’re suppose to take him once a week for his therapy there.  It’s been very difficult to manage to say the least.  Now that our truck was in a hit and run…we were the one’s hit, the other fellow was the “run”, we didn’t get to go this past Tuesday and it really, seriously concerns me that we didn’t make it.  But there’s not a lot I can do about it except at home do a few eye exercises with him.  But it’s not like him getting to his clinic and getting full treatment.

Anyway, I just want everyone in our city and surrounding area to know about the proposed cuts at UMC and to take action.  Pick up the phone and call those elected officials and tell them to NOT make any cuts at UMC.  We need each department open….reaching, touching, helping, and helping heal the needy, the broken, the wounded, and the hurting.

  <–The reason this mama cried out….


We will soar! Thursday, Feb 2 2012 

Today is the day!!  See ya at the Sign Rally on the sidewalk in front of UMC at 5PM!!

We are going to let our voices be heard!!!  We’re going to encourage every citizen of Lafayette and surrounding areas, anyone who has ever been to UMC as a patient, anyone and everyone – please call Gov Bobby Jindal to not cut our much needed services and departments at UMC.

We will suffer and hurt without those departments.  Nobody wants to see that happen.  So, let your voice be heard.  NOW is the time!!

Call Gov Bobby Jindal now!  Flood his office with calls.  Get everybody you know to call and tell him to not let this catastrophe happen!!! 225-342-7015

See ya at the Sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why we must keep UMC going… Wednesday, Feb 1 2012 

Yesterday started out as any other at our house.  Getting up, getting going, breakfast for the little boys, etc.

Nathan had a rough day yesterday with his sensory issues.  I don’t know why, but every noise seemed to just stand out to him.  He was terrified of the noises.  A car driving down the road outside our house sent him running out of the room several times….scared.  I don’t get that…but I’ve sure witnessed it.  Breaks my heart.  He couldn’t rest yesterday or be calm.

This sensory disorder is from the pit!  This is one reason we must keep all departments open and running at full throttle for Nathan, and all the other children in our community who are suffering with these disorders and need help.

See Ya at the Sign Rally is an opportunity for YOU to help us get the word out to our community to call Gov. Bobby Jindal  (225-342-7015) and tell him you do NOT want these cuts to take place at UMC!!  We need each department.  Did you realize that in order for Nathan to have speech therapy, he has to go through the ENT Department?   So, if they shut down ENT…there goes his speech therapy. He’s making awesome progress.  He still has a way to go, but he’s on the right path…thanks to UMC and Mrs. Bonnie!!

I appreciate your help in this endeavor Lafayette.  Let’s make a difference and let your voice be heard!

See ya at the sign!!