It’s Monday and it’s not a dreaded day!!  This is another day, a gift, a golden opportunity to save our beloved hospital, UMC!!!

I’ve done a lot of reflecting through the nights about this.  Yes.  Through the nights.  I stay awake nights praying, crying, and thinking about what can we do next to help save our beloved hospital.

I do not dread today being Monday.  I hear lots of complaints about it being “Monday” and having to start a work week.  Let me tell ya, there’s almost 100 people at UMC who are thankful for it being “Monday” and another work day.  These people still have their jobs, for the moment, and a paycheck that will come to them.  They love what they do and it shows in how they care for their patients.

So, how do you think you should view your Mondays from now on?  Mhmm!!!  Rejoice that it’s Monday!!!

My heart is with the doctors, nurses, and support jobs at UMC.

Do not stop the calls and emails to our elected officials.  Everybody from the mayor to the governor should hear from us!!  Let your voice be heard!!!

And honey – this thing ain’t over yet!!!  Keep the faith!!!  Have some hope in your heart!!  It’s worth the fight and we have a goal – to keep the PEDIATRICS, OB/GYN, ENT, OTHALMOLOGY, AND ORTHOPEDICS DEPARTMENTS open at UMC!!!!  If we keep these departments open and running at their highest potential – LAFAYETTE WINS!!  If not -we lose.  It’s that simple.

The Pediatric Clinic at UMC may close effective March 1, 2012 based on budget cuts.
• Spread the word using facebook and other social sites. Call the media, Daily Advertiser, KATC, KLFY, The Independent, The Advocate. Inform other leaders in the community, church leaders, directors of social services.
Here is a list of our Senator’s and Representatives;
EMAIL THEM ALL!!! Save UMC Pediatric Clinic!!
Senator Bret Allain             337-828-9107
Senator Page Cortez             337-993-7430
Senator Eric Lafleur             337-363-5019
Senator Fred Mills             337-845-4240
Senator Dan Morrish             337-827-3979
Senator Johnathan Perry             337-740-6425
Senator Rick Ward             225-246-8838
Rep. Taylor Barras             337-373-4051
Rep. Stuart Bishop             337-981-7409
Rep. Simone Champagne             337-276-4916
Rep. Mickey Guillory             337-457-0194
Rep. Bob Hensgens             337-893-5035
Rep. Mike Huval             337-332-3331
Rep. Sam Jones             337-828-7778
Rep. Nancy Landry             337-262-2252
Rep. Terry Landry
Rep. Bernard LeBas             337-363-0158
Rep. Jack Montoucet             337-783-2999
Rep. Stephen Ortego             337-259-7795
Rep. Joel Robideaux             337-984-1091
Rep. Ladricka Thierry             337-948-0369
Rep. Vincent Pierre
Gov. Bobby Jindal

Here is an example letter to send to your Senators and Representatives and Governor!
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing concerning the recent announcement to close LSU Health Systems Pediatric Clinic located on the corner of W Congress and Bertrand in Lafayette, La. That clinic serves as a primary care and emergency care resource for the most undeserved and vulnerable members of our society, our uninsured and Medicaid Children. The clinic sees anywhere from 450-550 patients a month. It is a center of care for conditions that include, but are not limited to:

• Sickle Cell Disease
• Cardiology
• Hiv/Aids/Std’s
• Tuberculosis
• ADHD/Autism and other behavioral disorders
• Special Needs Children
• Occupational Therapy & Speech
• Audiology
• Early Intervention Services
• Pediatric Psychology
• Pediatric Counseling
• OCS—Abused and at risk children
• Other conditions requiring preventative care, Asthma, Diabetes, Obesity

The only point of access for these patients will be in the emergency room, which is absolutely the direction the federal legislators, insurance companies, and government agencies are trying to limit based on their belief that it is an expensive and inefficient means of providing primary care.
Please give this grave matter your immediate attention and voice your concerns about such a massive and devastating blow to the children of our community.
Check it out on facebook….SAVE UMC OF LAFAYETTE JOBS!

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